Street Music in the City- New York live free concerts in the parks, events in NYC, jazz musicians-bands, famous Street Buskers, beggers classical, rock, ethnic. Whatever style you like, there's always something here in town for you to enjoy.

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Whether it's in the city streets, in a park, at a concert or in a club, it's all great. I love listening to any type of live music- if it's good, and even better if it's free!


Christmas Music in the Streets of NYC- Songs, Singing, Carols












COLDPLAY - Live-Sound rehearsal at Rockefeller Center Plaza- NBC The Today Show




Live Video- Gary Russo- NYC Singing Construction Worker/Hard Hat- Access Hollywood Interview



The Naked Cowboy at Times Square NYC



City Street Musicians

Who are they? Could they be homeless people just looking to make a few bucks from tourists? Are they really millionaires just having some fun? Probably none of the above. Some of them are aspiring young musicians or students looking for exposure and hoping to maybe catch a break and be discovered. For others it is a way to supplement their income as they struggle to earn a wage.. Whatever their journey these buskers are iconic to the New York City scene and provide background for tourists, visitors and people who work in the city. Some are good, some are bad. As the busker plays, they want to capture your attention, even if for only 5 seconds as the walkers pass by.




Did you know??- not just any musician or busker can perform on the streets or parks in New York City. It is not as simple as plopping yourself down on any street corner with a coffee cup for donations and start playing songs on a guitar, drum, or other instrument. There are City restrictions and permits are required if you want to debut your singing or playing talent on a public sidewalk. Different rules and permits are required if you are near or in City parks, MTA stations or subways and in these cases you must file an application to audition with MUNY and be approved to play at these type of locations. Now you can understand that playing tunes on the sidewalks is not as simple as it looks. Maybe the next time you pass a musician playing on the street or in the park, you will look at them a little differently and respect the fact that just like you, they have a profession and are trying to make a living at it.

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Performing at an MTA location. Every year in March the Music Under New York (MUNY) sponsors a day of auditions in Grand Central Terminal to review and add new performers to the MUNY roster.

Application Process

To join MUNY, musicians and performers must apply for the auditions and submit an info package which includes the MUNY Audition Application form. To obtain an Audition Application form, available January through March, please contact MUNY at 212-878-4678 or print it from the MUNY website. For consideration, prepare a package with the Application Form, a sample of your performance on CD or DVD and/or other items such as a bio, resume, press clippings or reviews and mail it to:


341 Madison Avenue, 5th Fl.

New York, NY 10017

The Audition application packages are due in the MUNY office no later than March 17th.

All performers are welcome to apply for the audition. Packages will be reviewed and approximately 60 eligible performers will be contacted and invited to perform at the auditions, which are held live, one-day only, and open to public. A panel of professionals, consisting of representatives from the industry, cultural institutions, MTA station operations, fellow musicians and others, will judge each of the five minute performances during the audition based on the criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the mass transit environment.




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Many amateur musicians-performers can be seen and heard on the sidewalks of the city- singers singing, actors acting, funny comedians telling jokes, dancers dancing and more.

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hungry trumpets, saxophone player     lunch times square piano player performing


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Artists Code of Ethics as taken from the Buskers Advocate

1. We acknowledge each individual's First Amendment/Self Expression Rights with mutual respect and in cooperative spirit.

2. Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Artists are encouraged to share spaces.

3. Artists should not set up within 50 feet of another artist(s) without first consulting with that artist(s). Rotating sets are encouraged in crowded situations.

4. Artists should generally not be heard more than a 25 foot radius from their performance site. Loud and amplified instruments/voices heard beyond 25 feet are considered an infringement upon other artists' First Amendment/Self Expression Rights.

5. Artists using loud and amplified instruments/voices are encouraged to:

a. Find locations that conflict or interfere with the fewest artists and cause fewest community complaints.

b. Turn amplifiers/drums/loud instruments in toward walls and/or baffle with blankets to dampen and confine sounds to immediate area.

c. Schedule and/or rotate performance times that conflict or interfere with the fewest artists and cause fewest community complaints.

d. Consult with other street artists in immediate performing area about volume and seek mutual solutions.

6. Street artists acknowledge the importance of the streets and parks as an historic forum for all artists and community members, acknowledge the importance of the cultural diversity expressed on the streets and in parks, and acknowledge the importance of the street arts in the continuing growth of a world community.






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